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tv   News  ABC  February 24, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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congress is picking up the birth debate. here what elijah cummings has to say. new information on the sexual abuse allegation tied to jerry sandusky. oscar buzz in the air now the news in your hands. the app for the billingest -- biggest night of entertainment and how to get it on this friday february 24th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. happy friday i think you will be happy after hearing from meteor outologist lynette charles. >> -- meteorologist lynette charles. >> we have a high wind warning in effect wind advisory in effect temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees above average
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once again. we have more showers and storms out there. and then we will have falling temperatures so put your hand in the bag and what will you pick out? the wind advoicery that's in effect until at 3 p.m. until midnight. and that's where all the areas here shaded in the gray. then look back off to the west in carroll and frederick county under a high wind warning that goes in effect at 3 p.m. todayuntil midnight. so we will talk about when the showers and storms move back in and how windy it is going to get. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to an excellent start as i mentioned on the roadways. friday morning look excellent for you. we are looking good on major routes. let's see what it looks like on the southeast side. 695 at bw parkway inner and outer loop moving well especially the east side as we have draw bridgework there. no delays as people are moving
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in the two-way traffic pattern. a live look at 695 at harford road. no troubles to report there. accidents -- no accidents and we are delay free. as far as drive times normal. very quiet. just 5 minutes on the harrisburg expressway from shawan to the beltway. and if you are on west side of the 695, 7 minutes from 795 to i-70. charley and megan back over to you. top stories the state is poised to become the 8th to legalize same sex marriage. the state senate passed the bill yesterday and it is headed to the governor's desk. opponents vow to bring i the measure to voters with the referendum. the senate organizers can start to collect the more than 55,000 signatures needed to be put on the ballot. seven states are asking a federal judge to block an obama administration mandate requiring birth control coverage for myees of religious affiliated hospitals. schools and other programs. so that lawsuit says the new rules violate the first amendment rights of groups that
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object to the use of contraception. the obama administration officials have said they will ship the re-- shift the requirement from the employers to health insurers themselves. states named in the suits are nebraska, michigan, ohio, oklahoma, south carolina and texas. congress picking up the contraception debate even though they are not in session. >> elijah cummings what few comments on the subject. sherrie johnson joins us now with exactly what he had to say. >> reporter: yes, congressional democrats held a hearing on the obama administration decision to require coverage by health care plans. maryland congressman elijah cummings made a few comments and at issue is the obama administration controversial requirement that health insurance cover contraceptive at religiously affiliated institution. demjanjuk crates say it's critical for wail health and republicans says it infringes on religious freedom and it's not about health care. sources say the issue is rally
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swing voters. >> as i said in the hearing the other day, i asked myself the question. i asked the question, if this were a hearing on prostate cancer, and doctor was -- there was a lineup of women and no men, i guarantee you men would not have stuck around. because they would have said you know come on give me a break. >> now despite backlash from leading catholic groups that object to the policy many democrats say the issue is about women's health and not religion. 50% approve the policy and 44% approve. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. google making changes to the privacy policy. but maryland attorney general douganceler sent a letter to google's chief asking for a
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meeting. he was not alone. 35 other states joined in on the letter and google has been given a week to reply. under the policy google customers will be given authority to use information for all services and also the products. >> the biggest problem is there's no on the in and there's no on the out and what are they doing with the information? how are they storing it? is it safe from hacker and identity theft? and to whom are they giving the information? >> the attorneys general concede there's consumers who would probably not have a problem with the personal information being shared but they feel there are many more who would not like the idea and might not realize the potential danger. rules go into effect march 1st. 5:35. looking at news around the nation, police say a third grader dieda being forced to run as a punishment. savannah harden 9-year-old alabama police arrested her grandmother and her stepmother. they are accused of forcing the girl to run around for three
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hours because she lied about eating candy bars. the two women are held op half million dollars bond. a bus driver who was stabbed in the face with a pen while trying to resolve a dispute with a passenger has been suspend. this is surveillance video from the incident earlier this week. the driver damion anding was suspend for not -- handing wasuspend for not following pot call. the stabbing suspect is behind bars. -- protocol. the stabbing suspect is behind bars. a man let his the-year-old -- 9-year-old daughter drive while he was drunk. the 39-year-old daughter dragged he was too drunk to drive. this is video of the incident where the man pled guilty last year to charges of child abuse and letting an unlicensed minor drive. during sentencing he told the judge he was sorry for the trouble he caused. police in south florida are trying to track down a woman
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who pocketed an ipad at a mall. and she did it with her 3 kids in front of her. you can see the video catching the whole thing. the ipad owner left it on the counter while buying something else and she came up and stashed it in her bag and took off. he is turning 60 but hasn't changed. >> coming, the birthday of a spud who is no dud. all right. after a series of starts and stops, the i-rs online tracking site is back online. we will tell you more a when "good morning maryland" continues. another warm day is on tap. but cooler air is on the way. i will tell you when it arrives and how long it will last coming up. clear. and on your commute no accidents to report. we have a disabled vehicle on the bw parkway. we will let you know if that's blocking lanes and how it looks around the beltway when we return.
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now "good morning maryland." after all that time he looks like a spud ling. >> he must have had work done. mr. potatoe head celebrating a birthday this month turning 60 over the past six decades more than 100 million mr. and mrs.
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potatoe head toys have been sold. >> mr. potatoe head i love you. >> are you okay? >> i know the song. i am sorry. >> what song? >> there's mr. and mrs. babe and baby two. the family i love you. >> don't know what to say. apparently there were commercials with the jinkel but i remember mr. potatoe head. >> i remember these things. sorry. >> help him out. weight weigh in on facebook if you know what's talking about. >> don't you remember the mr. potatoe head jingle. >> stay with us, the oscars days away now and you can add a new layer to the star studded event. the app create for you giving you a way to enjoy the big night. a big arts and craft show to tell you about heading to charm city. we will look at the weekend's events happening with the baltimore craft show. >> and all new reaction overnight from a juror in the
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12 jurors recommended the cents of 26 years for george hugeley and sherie johnson is standing by with the story. >> reporter: the juror is one of the juror in the high- profile murder trial of george huguely. over the past lee weeks he got to note most intimate details of george huguely and cockeysville native yeardley love's lives etch said being on the jury was one of the most difficult things he has done but feels at peace what they decided. >> we all didn't think that the killing was premed tatted we will don't think he went over there with the purpose of kill yeardley love. >> reporter: sitting through a murder trial can emotional effects on jury members i
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wouldcould lead to emotional trauma. sometimes professional help is necessary. sherrie johnson abc2 news. we are learning about a subpoena for penn state university that university receive the information in connection with a jerry sanduskyinvestigation thursday. he accused of mosting several boys. the spean subpoena names the university and three penn stateadstraightors and the charity started by sandusky. look at your screen. we are talking about the double and single jogging strollers pulled from a store shelves because the front wheel can come loose and there's three reported injuries. stop using the stroller immediately and contact the company for replacement. tumbler will ban blogs that promote self-harm and promoting and arexa and self-mutilation and suicide will be remove from the site. the policy will likely take
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effect next week. in addition to prohibiting the blogs the policy will affect searches that are related tags terms like purging or pro anna it will had prompt a psa style message showing the dangers of eating disorders. a number of families on two dollars or less per day for the last month is doubled during past 15 years. it's about 1 1/2 million. it was 666 or 636,000 households in 1996. now food stamps are included as income the number of households in extreme poverty defined on living on $2 a day $800,000. if you wonder when you will get your tax refund you can check online. where's my refund feature is up and working again. earlier this month, it was down and you weren't able to see if or when you could get your refund. the notice says it's been fixed and has been removed. you can click on the link and enter your information and find
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out the status of your coming refund. this morning congressman elijah cummings will present a check to the baltimore housing program. the money comes from neighbor works america. an organization that was established to create affordable housing and community development across the united states. this takes place at 10 this morning. go ahead. 36th annual american craft council show begins in baltimore. it will have new show categories with endless crafts and live demonstration and there will be more than 650 top contestimony prairie craft artist showing off creation. it kicks off today running through sunday. all here at baltimore convention center on west pratt street. at age of 84 oscar is about to get a whole new pretty much social makeover. >> you read this. go ahead. >> movie buffs fashion lovers
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and star seekers can be a part of glitziest most glamourous night without leaving the couch. >> it's free for the iphone and the ipad and designed for your second screen while watching the big of the night in entertainment. >> all right the oscar telecast and the app has red carpet and back stage video streams for the participants and they can try to act like awards heros oscar additions. so vote in on it. sounds like fun. if it's been able to watch a movie in the past year. i might be interested. >> live on abc 2 news or abc2 coming sunday night, red carpet pre-show 579 ceremony 8:30 and hang around after for abc2 news at 11. so what do you think? what is this year's big award winner? we want to know on facebook. >> i feel like a loser and i don't know anything. >> i am loser number 2 then. >> i usually like movies and watch -- try to watch every oscar nominated movie and i don't know what's nominated.
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>> let's go through this. descendent. you heard about it? >> i heard. >> george clooney. >> extremely cloud. >> i know that. >> ladies. >> sorry. >> extremely loud and read the book and haven't see the movie the help. >> great book. >> hugo midnight in paris. >> yeah. >> money ball. >> okay. >> tree of life. warhorse. >> oh, okay. >> and the artist. >> not bad. >> all right. let me talk about something i do know, the weather. we are dealing with windy conditions for today. but, you know, the big story is the temperatures. so let me take you back in time here. we will look at some numbers and while this time the year on this friday, we should be right around 28 degrees for a low temperature, the high should be right around 47 but check out the high back in 1985. it was 79 degrees and i am forecasting around 70 today so we won't get the record but temperatures will be in the 70s so pretty close. right now, though, temperatures
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are 20 degrees above that low temperature where we should benow for this time of the year. we are mild once again. along the eastern shore into east opt temperature is at 50 and the winds right now breezy like we have been all week but once you compare this to what we will get this afternoon you willbe like this 5 to 10-mile- an-hour wind is nothing compared to the 50-mile-an-hour gusts we could be seeing this afternoon. satellite and radar picking up on a couple showers trying to move back into the area. thattrend as we go throughout the rest of the morning and even into the afternoon. maybe a rumble of thunder. we have lots going on with the weather pattern as the warm front works its way through. that's why the temperatures will soar and then we will have the cold front push through this afternoon, evening time frame. and that's why we will have the chance for the clashing of the air masses and we will get very blustery behind that. but in terms of the wet weather. gentlemen -- yes, future trend picking up on the fact we will continue maybe the rush hour could be on the wet side.
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colder air filtering in behind that next system, though and we will drop the temperatures off to seasonable levels but coming from the 70 that we will get today it's going to feel a little on the cold side. as we look a the temperatures tonight right around 38 and turning colder and blustery. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. what's in store for the friday morning drive? we have got a couple disabled vehicles we have been scanning our traffic cameras. no accidents or early delays as of yet. now as far as the disabled vehicles on the northbound side of the bw parkway one at powder mill road. also on the beltway outer loop at park heights avenue. this is 695 at baltimore national pike. ace mentioned, no delays yet. and i am holding onto that yet because as we get another view of the beltway this is at liberty road. you can see the volume increasing on the outer loop which is on right side of the screen. but still moving at a pretty good pace. now back over to you. a former dr. convicted in
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the death of michael -- doctor convict in the death of michael jackson returns to court. >> what his attorneys are asking a judge to do. he was a presidential candidate and she was a videographer years later's case involving a missing sex tape has been settled. so what become of that evidence? we will talk about it when "good morning maryland" continues.
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five things to know opening statements begin in new jersey in a courtroom in the case against man accuseded of of using a webcam to video tape his roommate having section with a man. conrad murray's attorneys are asking he be released from custody. they are asking him go from being held while appealing his 2011 conviction in the death of michael jackson. he was sentenced to four years behind bars. the battle over a sex tape was settled out of court on thursday. abc news is reporting as part the of the agreement all copies of the tape will be destroyed. memorial services will be
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held for gary carter who died last week after battling brain cancer. carter was a member of the 1986 world champion mets and was 11 time all star for four teams. in the wake of a des agreement with planned parenthood the conference of susan g. komen begins today in new orleans including workshops to speakers and will be held at the louisiana super dome. ear infection and chicken pox and somethings we like to associate with kids. >> and an increasing number of kids getting strokes and how they can heal from it. could chicken little be right. the sky may be falling after all. plus, the economy is affecting the amount of money the tooth fairy is leaving behind. what he left under the pillow we have details on that ahead.
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